Indian man kneels next to a toddler in India

Traveling to India with a baby or toddler

Traveling to India with a baby or toddler.  India gives you the chance to experience a bit of luxury and actually get a vacation in...
Best Places in the World to visit this Halloween

The coolest places in the world to visit this Halloween

Places to go for Halloween It's almost here! The last week in October/ the first week of November is a great time to plan a...
Mother and twon children play dress up in the backyard

Dress-up play: huge benefits from a little fun

Dress up play has loads of developmental benefits for children. Dressing up and entering a pretend the world is something that comes naturally to children, not to mention they love it! Under the surface, however, there is a ton of executive function going on. Pretend play is absolutely vital to young children, the dress-up aspect adds a bit of challenge and fun to the equation. Transforming into a different role that allows kids to learn, grow, and explore at home. The benefits of dress-up play are amplified even more when you join in the fun making this a perfect at home (or anywhere) adventure with children!
Two toddler stands next to Leolandia sign in Italy

Fun-filled day at Leolandia Italy

Leolandia Italy I love love love Leolandia Italy! I can’t I had never heard of it before our visit. So in case you haven’t either...
Mother stands in the Swiss alps with toddler on her shoulders. Stoos Switzerland

Hiking the Breathtaking Stoos [Switzerland]

Within walking distance of the hotel we stayed in, the Swiss Holiday Park Resort you'll find Stoos Switzerland and a series of well-maintained hiking...
Boy runs along a boardwalk at sunset. Caption: "The best place I've ever been - with kids."

Best Places to Visit With Kids [Readers Choice]

Best Family Holiday Destinations Can't decide where to take this year's family vacation? We asked seasoned family travelers one question: Where is the BEST place...