Nightmare at Ramada Plaza Milan [Hotel Review]

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Ramada Plaza Milan

If you ever needed proof that my hotel reviews are honest and not just full of fluff, this is the article to read. The Ramada Plaza in Milan was Good, Bad and Nightmarish all in a single stay.

The Room

So we booked a 1 bedroom suite at the Ramada Plaza Milan. The room was nice, high tech, and had ample space. The bathroom was huge and my kids enjoyed the tub. The shower however was cramped, had really low water pressure and a mildew problem. We really enjoy the large patio/rooftop space with beautiful city views. (check out that sunset!) Unfortunately, there were exit stairs without gates making it unsafe for toddlers to roam around out there for too long.

Photo of sunset from a rooftop in Milan, Italy.

The bizarre customer service

When we checked in, our room was REALLY warm partly because we were on the top floor. We let the front desk know that the AC was working in the sitting area but not the bedroom. The front desk staff were extremely rude, they put me on hold and the line cut out. I called back, and after a 2 minute conversation I was hung up on – intentionally. My husband tried calling they hung up on him too, multiple times. Then they shut off the AC for the whole building. They told us that it was because it was too cold outside and that was why the AC had been off that whole day. This made absolutely no sense because 1 of the acs had been working 20 minutes earlier. They had advised me to open the window for cooling. The window didn’t even have a screen and my babies are climbers so it just wasn’t a safe option for us. It was a very long, very hot night. I worried about my kids overheating and ended up opening a window and staying awake for a few hours to watch my kids. I told them if they wouldn’t help me I wanted to call the corporate office. Two minutes later the internet went down preventing me from looking up the number it didn’t come back on for several hours. I asked the GM call me in the morning, they didn’t. I inquired a few days later and was promised a call that never came.

The Location

The location of the hotel is not close to tourist sights. That’s good in a way because you are away from the crowds and get a chance to eat at some really amazing non touristy restaurants nearby. The closest metro is a 5-10 minute walk but it is not accessible for anyone with a stroller or wheelchair. The closest station with an elevator is a 30 minute walk.

The Grounds

The grounds were nice my kids enjoyed soaking up the sun in the open space. There are no designated smoking areas and people were smoking everywhere in the common areas preventing us from enjoying the green space to long.

Photo of young girl exploring the community green space at Ramada Plaza Milan. Hotel review Milan , Italy

I wasn’t impressed with the pool at the Ramada Plaza Milan. The gate was  broken to the parking area leading to some difficulty. The food was mediocre at best … except the pizzas those were delicious.  The manager of the restaurant was very nice and helpful in the mornings. She asked if she could help in anyway. I’m very used to doing things on my own but it was great customer service of her to have asked. Housekeeping service was only during limited hours in the morning so if you slept in you couldn’t get your room cleaned. This is a bigger issue when traveling with babies and you have diapers overflowing otherwise its probably not a huge deal. We had to call maintenance a few times because once the ac was turned back on the next day the bedroom ac still wasn’t working. There was also something wrong with the phone because it kept randomly beeping and ringing at random hours, even once in the night it was weird. The maintenance person was SO nice and efficient.

Basically everyone who worked in the hotel were amazing, except the front desk peeps; who turned this into the worst hotel experience I have had to date …. Worse than when I discovered bedbugs in our Waikiki hotel – ok, maybe tied for the worst hotel experience.

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