Life in India, Diary of an American Expat

One of the things I adore about living in India is all of the wildlife associated with living in a tropical climate. When we lived in Hawaii we would occasionally see peacocks wandering around. (Chickens were everywhere) Here in India, there are at least three that live in our community! We sometimes spot monkeys too. The water tower in the community behind our has become a favorite hangout for a monkey family that lives nearby. For the most part, city-dwelling monkeys are docile and keep to themselves. If you have food and they want it though, they may become aggressive. We generally keep our distance of any wild animal and unlike a few of our neighbors, we would never leave food out for them. That means we will probably never entertain any monkey guests on our patio, but that’s cool with us.

Life in India. A toddler’s Perspective.

In India, people generally start their kids at preschool at least 3 hours a day 5 days a week by age two. Most of my toddler’s European friends have started preschool as well but we are still enjoying our leisurely mornings, family field trips and art-filled days at home. T-Roy lives for monkey sightings and Aly loves chasing after birds in our local park. They both love lunching out with mama at one of the many nearby play cafes.

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