Fun-filled day at Leolandia Italy

Leolandia: Theme park in Italy

Two toddler stands next to Leolandia sign in Italy

Leolandia Italy

I love love love Leolandia Italy! I can’t I had never heard of it before our visit. So in case you haven’t either here’s the deal.

What is Leolandia?

Leolandia is a theme park in Italy created for tiny humans and their parents. I can’t be sure, but it seemed larger than Disneyland Paris but way smaller and more manageable than Disneyworld. I recommend it as a day trip or at most, 2 full days to really experience everything. One of the best things about the park is that the lines were short or non-existent. The last thing you want to do on vacation is to spend half of your day standing in a queue with a fussy toddler.

Toddler looks at mini Italy display at Leolandia

Leolandia Park

Every inch of Leolandia was purposely built from the restaurants to restrooms and of course the rides and attractions. Similar to Disneyworld, you’ll find each section of the park is themed with related scheduled shows and character appearance by Peppa Pig, Masha, and the bear, smurfs, and more! There are plenty of nursing and diaper changing rooms set up throughout the park complete with cushy rocking chairs and water warmers. We were never more than a 5-minute walk away from one. There is designated stroller parking next to each ride. If you get tired of walking a life-sized Thomas the train can bring you to a different corner of the park. 

Mother holds baby while riding a merry-go-round in Leolandia


Miniature Italy was so cool! A beautifully done up path was lined with all of Italy’s major sites in miniature!! I had major wanderlust after that and wanted to move to Italy and explore everything! Along the route, there were a few buttons that could be pushed for a short audio explanation. There was a small aquarium on site as well. I definitely appreciated the educational opportunities … even though my babies were too small to pick up on almost all of it.

Toddler walks around life sized statue in minitalia

Petting Zoo

You can buy food and feed goats and other friendly farm animals at the petting zoo! Peacocks and chickens roam free but all the other birds were in a large enclosure.

Toddler chases chicken in Leolandia's petting zoo


A small aquarium is located near the front of the park.

Splash Park

If the weather is warm enough, you can take advantage of the splash park on site as well.

Dining in Leolandia Park

There were a few restaurants on-site They all had dozens of full-sized, high-quality high chairs around. The food was, of course, amazing, we were in Italy after all! In the back corner, there is a picnic area adjacent to a playground and a forestry area for a leisurely family meal.

Leolandia Tickets

Tickets to Leolandia were very reasonably priced when we visited but it does vary by the day of the visit. You will find a discount if you book online in advance. Kids under 90cm are free! I love that they use height instead of age because height is what determines how many rides you can go on. Discounts are available to visitors who are pregnant, over 65 or who have special needs. 

Where is Leolandia located?

Just 45 minutes by car from Milan and you’ll reach Leolandia in Capriate San Gervasio, Italy. So if you are heading to Milan with kids and have a car, you would be crazy not to take a day trip there. By public transport, it would take 1 hour and 45 minutes. It’s best for small children (grade school and younger) but older kids can find enough to do as well. As an adult, I had a blast but then again I am fairly easily amused. Other popular family vacation spots around a 2-hour drive away, would include Venice, Locarno and Lake Lugano.  

Leolandia Tips and Tricks

Leolandia is such a fun, stress-free day trip I don’t even have any tips for you. You just need to go and enjoy!


Leolandia is perfect for families with small kids. Rides, Live shows, Character appearances, a life-sized Thomas the train and more in Italy! The perfect #daytrip from #MIlan! ..#adventureswithchildren #familytravel #travelwithtoddlers
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