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10 Fun things to do in Dubai with kids

Visiting Dubai with kids? Check out this 10 fun, family-friendly activities the whole families will enjoy!

Rainy days and play cafes – Life in India

Life in India - Diary of an American Expat. August in India It’s August which means it’s the season for rain, humidity, technicolor skies and fresh,...
Photo of the boat from the outside, drifting along the Kerala back waters.

Trip of a lifetime – Alleppey Houseboat

Renting an Alleppey Houseboat One of the coolest things we’ve ever done is renting a houseboat in Alleppey and exploring Kerala’s backwaters. It’s been on my...
Twin 1 year old toddlers have with the twin triumph by Maclaren while on a travel adventure.

The Best Double Stroller for Travel

The best double travel stroller Since I'll be taking more than a dozen international flights this year with my twin one-year-olds, I decided to invest...
Image of baby sitting in childproofed room.

On-the-go Childproofing [Staying safe in your vacation place]

I dont know about anyone one else but the thought of taking my kids to the house of someone who doesn’t have kids practically...
Woman holds up two giant ice cream cones

How to NOT get Food Poisoning while travelling

Food Safety while travelling (Reviewed for medical accuracy by Jennifer Reed MD) Food Poisoning, Montezuma’s Revenge, Delhi Belly, Traveller's diarrhea: whatever you call it, most of us...