Visiting Ski India Noida [know before you go]

Ski India Noida is located just outside of New Delhi.


Ski India Noida: What?! There’s a snow park in Delhi?

We are currently experiencing oven-like temperatures here in New Delhi. Normally, we enjoy wandering around New Delhi’s amazing public parks but it’s WAY too hot for that right now. I wanted an active adventure that didn’t involve the pool – not that my kids don’t LOVE pools. I just wanted something new. So, I decided to take the kids to check out Ski India Noida. Press play and watch our adventure in the video below!! (Click on the bottom right of the video to make it full screen)

Ski India: Noida’s Very Own Indoor Snow Park.

Ski India is India’s largest indoor snow park and it’s right here in Noida, India. (For those vacationing in Delhi, Noida is less than an hour and a half drive from New Delhi.) It’s modeled after Ski Dubai but is not as large. Inside you will find an ice rink, a cafe, an inter-tube merry-go-round, Bunny hills for skiing and snowboarding, a toboggan run, sledding hills, igloos, etc. The price of entry is all-inclusive so you can try everything they have to offer. For little kids, there’s an area off to the side where you can pull them in a sled along a flat surface, make snow angels, etc.

What to Bring

Since the weather here in Delhi never calls for snow, Ski India provides all the necessities to you – ski jackets (with hood), snow boots, and gloves. My kids are only 2 and on the small side, I wasn’t sure that they would have gear that fit properly so I brought a ton of layers and our own ski jackets. I was glad I brought the jackets because the ones they offered were better suited for a four-year-old. The boots start at size 22. Those were already checked out so we had to settle for a size bigger which wasn’t anything a couple of extra layers of socks couldn’t handle.

3 sets of mittens for kids, - its best to bring your own to ski India so you know they will fit properly

Is Ski India Noida Good for kids?

Ski India Noida is incredibly child-friendly! First of all, kids under 3 are FREE! I had brought my stroller (because only insane people enter the mall of India with two toddlers and no stroller) but we needed to take an escalator up to the indoor snow park. Friendly staff members told me not to worry and took the stroller up the escalator for me while my kids and I walked. When it was time to change my kids at least 6 staff members came up and asked if they could help me – as you can see from the video I finally gave in. Inside the snow park, they assigned a staffer to help me around since I was outnumbered by tiny humans. They pulled my daughter around on a sled and held her while we went down the hills. I say, my daughter, because my son wanted only to be carried around (by only me) in the beginning – Hawaii baby didn’t trust the snow. After about 30 minutes when my kids were used to the climate – I let them know I was ok to explore on my own.

After we were all finished, my daughter decided she wanted to run around in nothing but her diaper – because why not? Staff members helped me corral her. They also played with my son while I got her changed – which should be an Olympic sport btw. Honestly, the staff at this indoor snow park were 100 times more helpful than those found at Disney. I’m very used to traveling with my twin toddlers alone but man, is it nice to have friendly people (who clearly love kids) willing to help out if needed. If you are in New Delhi during the hot summers like me, do yourself a favor and add this to your list of places to visit near Delhi.

Making snow angels in the snow

Planning Your Visit to Ski India Noida. Tips and Tricks.

  • If you are visiting Ski India with kids go at 11 am on a weekday when the crowds are the most scarce.
  • Bring your own gloves/mittens for kids under 5 since the smallest pair was WAY too big for toddlers. If you don’t have winter gloves a few pairs of thick socks on the hands will do in a pinch. (That’s a tip from someone who grew up in the midwest USA) For older kids and adults, the provided gloves were perfect.
  • If you have your own snow gear, bring it. My coat was warm, clean, and convenient. It IS worn by thousands of people over the year, so there was a faint scent of B.O. that I know just doesn’t wash out. An extra pair of pants goes a long way in keeping little ones warm.
  • I would probably avoid any of the hills with babies because they’re pretty fast. Save the toboggan run for bigger kids.
  • After your adventure check out the many restraints Mall of India has to offer. The food court is on the same floor as Ski India and has great choices or you can head down and sit in an enclosed restaurant.
  • Sessions are for 2 hours, an hour and a half was long enough for us but if you really wanted to you could buy more time.
  • There’s a professional photographer inside but you have to pay for the prints. I was very annoyed that they wouldn’t sell me a digital file so I ended up not buying any even though a few turned out nice.
  • You can go in and out of the snow park as many times as you want within your allotted time. So little ones can go in and warm up in between sled runs.

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