Pressed Flower Bookmarks [Super simple!]

Person holds up a pressed flower bookmark.

Making pressed flower bookmarks with kids

Pressed flower bookmarks are a super simple craft that can be adapted for just about any age group. One of the easiest ways to make a pressed flower bookmark is by using contact paper. It’s ridiculously simple which makes it perfect for younger children.


Contact paper, Scissors, Ribbon, Hole punch, Flowers

How to make pressed flower bookmarks

Gather and prepare supplies

Two children are out on a nature trail to find supplies for their homemade bookmarks

Gather plant materials from your yard or go on a nature walk to collect items. You are looking for items that are not too thick. We typically look for fallen flowers and greens on the ground. Larger flowers can be directed to use which is, of course, a fun educational activity in its own right! Now the best thing is to properly press and dry the flowers for about a week before starting your craft. To do this, place flowers in between parchment paper inside of a large, heavy book. Doing this will make the bookmark hold its original look and last longer. That said it is not essential and you could skip that step for eager children. I would consider setting some aside to use now and pressing the rest for the following week. If you are using fresh plant material, quickly press them between paper a paper towel before starting.

Cut the shape

Cut the bookmark shape out of the contact paper (or have your child do it). You need two pieces: one piece for the bottom and one for the top. Be sure to make it larger than you want it to be in the end.


Peel the paper off of one of the cut contact paper strips and let your child get to decorating! The contact paper is sticky so all they have to do is place their dried flowers and plant materials where they want them to be. Encourage them to avoid the edges otherwise the contact paper may not properly stick together.

Child is decorating his bookmark with items he found on his nature walk

Press together

When your little artist is finished, remove the paper backing from the other contact paper and place it sticky-side down onto the decorated piece. Press firmly and slide your hand up and down to get rid of any air bubbles and ensure the seal. Then, trim the excess of the sides using scissors to make sure it is uniform.

Child seals her pressed flower bookmark

Optional steps and alternative methods

Optional steps: Punch a hole in the top using the hole puncher if you wanted to be fancy you could use a fun shaped hole punch. Loop a string through the hole and tie the ends. You could also add a tassel or trinket to the end.

As an alternative to using contact paper, using a lamination machine would allow your creations to last longer but you would need to use a small amount of clear glue to get the plant material to stick to the lamination sheet.

There you have it! A super simple pressed plant bookmark! It is recommended to leave the bookmark in the middle of a heavy book overnight.

Finished bookmark in a large book


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