Athens With Kids

Children stare upwards at the Acropolis in Athens

Athens with kids

Heading to Athens with kids? You have come to the right place! Check out the best things to do with kids in Athens and find out about the coolest family dining in town. I will also let you know what not to do so you don’t waste your valuable vacation time.

Wide-view of colosseum ruins in Athens
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Things to do in Athens with kids

Head up to The Acropolis

THE premier attraction in Greece! The birthplace of democracy. This is what everyone comes for right? Be prepared for large crowds and a lot of walking – with stairs. Strollers won’t make it either so plan ahead. I usually take this boba air with me when I travel because it folds up ridiculously small and weighs nothing. There are however many benches along the way if anyone in your party wants to take a break. Much of the Acropolis is cordoned off to protect it from tourists, this might be good to explain to your children before you hike up. 

Children stare upwards at the Acropolis in Athens

Ride on a Horse-drawn carriage

The man with the horse. Apparently that is what he is known as. He is great. We found him waiting at the bottom of the acropolis staircase he was so lovely! All the locals waved to him as we went past. He stopped at a couple of different spots for us to take photos as well. If you are looking to buy something, in particular, he seemed to know all the best shops! 

Two children pose on a horse drawn carriage at the base of the Acropolis.


Explore the National Garden of Athens

The National Garden of Athens was designed in 1836! In addition to plants and flowers, your children will enjoy ponds with wildlife, statues, some ancient remains, and a sundial – perfect for another educational moment. There is a small playground on site as well so it’s an ideal spot to break up the visits to historical sites.

Meet a Gladiator

It doesn’t get more touristy than this folks – but small kids love anyone in a uniform or costume. They can be found roaming about just outside the main entrance to the acropolis.

Small girl poses with a Gladiator at the base of the Acropolis when visiting Athens with kids

Ride the Athens Happy Train

We missed this one due to a lack of poor advance planning. Instead, we opted for the red bus which as I will explain later was less than ideal. The Athens Happy train hits all the major tourist attractions in less than 60 minutes. It stops at each site for about 15 minutes but if you want to spend more time you can simply catch the next one!

Panathenaic Stadium

Small girl trys to read the Olympic sign in Athens

The birthplace of the Olympics. It is the site of the first modern Olympic Games in 1896! It was actually built back in 330BC, Socrates and his students used to take afternoon breaks. Male athletes ran track here for thousands of years

 – while naked because apparently that is how it was done back then. It went through some alterations during Roman rule. Before the 1st Olympic Games in 1896, a wealthy benefactor restored it to its original greek design.

It remains today as the world’s only stadium made entirely of marble. The tracks are maintained in great condition for tourists. My kids enjoyed the Panathenaic stadium most of all. They pretended to be track stars. Of course, they crowned themselves as winners and took their place on the podium. The kids looked like they were having such a great time, the whole family got in on the action. 

Family poses on the winners stadium in Athens, Greece

Visit Allou – Fun Park

If you have time at the end of the day, check out Allou! There are rides and games for everyone including a Ferris wheel, roller coasters, bumper cars, a haunted house, and more. The park is divided into two zones, one for teens and one for younger children.

Watch the Changing of the guards

The ceremony is done every hour on the hour in Syntagma Square. Kids will enjoy the officers in uniform demonstrate their precise movements. On Sundays at 11 am (get there early) it is done in a grand fashion so if you are visiting on a Sunday be sure not to miss it. PS – this one is free!

Walk around town

I always say that the best way to get to know a place is by walking. There are many greens-aces and parks for your little one to enjoy along the way. Before visiting Athens I had no idea how much street art there would be. Some people even call Athens the graffiti capital of Europe. I personally love street art and love that it can document not only where you’ve been but when you visited. If you are interested in viewing some street art, check out this map! There are also a few companies that offer guided tours. A couple of neighborhoods not to miss are Plaka and Anafiotika. 

Father walks around Athens with kids

Where to eat in Athens with kids

Little Kook Cafe!

Mary Poppins comes to Athens! This funky restaurant is an experience all by itself! From the waitstaff clothes to the decor, every detail is magical. The desserts are HUGE you could split one or two per family. There are also simple savory crepes to enjoy so this dessert destination can also be a whole meal. I also loved the decor outside of the restaurant. 

Red carriage with sign displaying "Mary Poppins comes to Athens"

What NOT to do in Athens with kids

The Big Red Bus

The big red bus. I know, I was surprised too since kids love buses! The route is really long. It was fun for the 1st 20 minutes but then, not so much. Our route took an hour to reach back to our hotel. It would have only taken us only 15 minutes to reach by cab. I guess it could still be good if you are planning to visit all the sites on the line and didn’t bring any car seats. (We use ride safer vests in cabs) However, for young children with short attention spans, I would consider the Athens happy train or literally any other option. 

The Acropolis Museum

I’m normally a big fan of museums! My toddlers usually love them too. I was pretty excited to visit the Acropolis Museum. The nice thing is that they do offer free strollers so that seemed very promising. They also have a reading corner for kids somewhere inside. We couldn’t get out of there fast enough. There are zero interactive zones. No touching anything, no photography allowed and you WILL be shushed. If you have older kids who really enjoy greek history, then you should probably stop in, otherwise, skip it. We did really enjoy the OUTSIDE of the museum. It has walkways with transparent floors and there are a few places you can peak into and that is all free!  What I recommend is you explore the Acropolis then take a ride with the man with the horse, have him drop you in front of the museum but then just don’t go inside. Explore the outside of the museum a bit. After, you can spend a bit of time strolling around the shops nearby and grab a bite to eat.

Children admire an acient statue outside of the Acroplis Museum
This beauty was found outside of the museum

How long to spend in Athens

You only need one-two days in Athens to see the top sights. I suggest you spend the rest of your trip on one of Greece’s many gorgeous (and popular) islands or in the Messinia region on the Southwest coast. Messinia is a remote, much less crowded, historically significant part of Greece with great resort options!

What is your favorite thing to do in Athens with kids? Let us know in the comments below! If you found this article, please share it. Happy Travels!




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