Airplane toys for toddlers [That actually fit in your bag]

Best toddler toys for airplane

Small figurines scattered on a yellow background. Small figurines make great travel toys for toddlers.
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Airplane Toys For Toddlers

Why pack toddler toys for the plane?

I’m a big fan of screentime on planes for toddlers old enough to appreciate it. With so many amazing educational apps and fun, kid-centered videos available, I am happy to let my 2.5-year-old toddler’s play on their Kindle fires for way longer than I allow at home. If you ask me, exceptional circumstances (such as a 10-hour flight with a jetlagged toddler) call for exceptions. That said, I like to bring along some (small) screen-free toys and activities too for several reasons:

1. Sleep wanted

The blue lights emitted from screens can disrupt the production of melatonin which means it may be more difficult to fall asleep. If you’re hoping for your little one to sleep, you may want to remove screens from the equation an hour before. (you can also utilize the “blue shade” or “night mode” on your child’s device). On the other hand, if you want your little one to stay up longer to adjust for your destination’s time zone, letting them play on a device could actually be helpful.

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2. You need a backup plan

Devices can run out of charge, crash, break, etc. Flight delays can drain batteries before you even board and only some planes have charging ports. You don’t want to be stuck on a 10-hour flight with limited ways to keep your toddler busy. Reminder to never rely solely on in-flight entertainment. Many budget airlines or short flights don’t even have in-flight entertainment. I’ve also been on flights where the system goes down for several hours. A friend of mine just returned from an international trip where the entertainment didn’t work at all during the entire flight. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to pack a whole bag or toys or anything, just be sure you have at least two or three things in your carry-on bag as a back-up.

3. Airplane toys can be used at your destination

Toys come in really handy for rainy days and long car rides. They can also occupy your toddler while you plan your day sightseeing, get ready in the morning, etc.

4. For comfort

Even toddlers who travel often can become overwhelmed in airports, on planes, etc. If they have a favorite small toy, bring it along to act as a “lovey” (familiar comfort item) – Unless it’s a one of a kind item – then leave it at home for safe-keeping.

Baby lays on bed holding a small stuffed animal. Comfort items are always good for toddlers to take on a plane.

5. To avoid screen time

Some parents may choose to not do any screentime at all. Or you may have a younger toddler who you feel isn’t quite ready for screentime. In this case, toys become essential and you will want to bring for options for long flights.

Packing Toddler Busy Bags for the plane

The toys usually go into my toddlers “busy bags.” These are small, bright-colored (aka easy to spot) backpacks that they wear onto the plane and keep in their own seat during the flight. They are great to use at the destination as well! That means whatever toys are going into the bag needs to be pretty small and lightweight. I also add some snacks in a mess-free container. I carry their sippy cups in my bag since those a bit heavy when full.

I leave space in my diaper bag for one or two larger items but I don’t want to be weighed down. (For a full list of what’s in my carry-on bag, click here.) The main criteria for selecting a toy or activity for a plane is the size of the item and the average length of time it will keep my toddlers occupied. This will be different for each toddler, so you will need to pick which ones you think will be best for your little one.

Airplane Toys for Toddlers – Top Picks

Planning for an upcoming flight with a toddler can be stressful. Go prepared with space-saving plane toys for toddlers. Here are some of the best plane toys for toddlers, pick a few to pack and have a great flight!

Quiet books

Quiet books are developmental cloth books with buttons, snaps, etc. You can choose from the classic style quite a book or this adorable occupation-themed one.

Dollar store toys

If it’s new, it’s interesting. If you are lucky enough to have a dollar store nearby buy a new, small toy or two and surprise your toddler on the flight.

Small red car with a bow on top. New toys are more interesting to toddlers making them one of the best plane toys for toddlers.

Tegu Blocks

Magnetic blocks in a travel-friendly pouch make imaginative play easy on-board. I find it’s better if my toddler plays with them on their lap instead of on the tray table. That way, when they drop the pieces, they will (mostly) land on the seat and you won’t have to keep bending down and searching for pieces under the seat.

Water wow

What toddler doesn’t love painting with water? The traditional books are great, so are these keychain style cards!

Tip: to save space, be sure to cut the top of the book off above the spiral. Also, be sure to fill the pen up AFTER security but before you board the plane.

Montessori Busy board

These busy boards are fantastic for developing fine motor skills. They even fold up and have a carry handle or this one has backpack straps!

Reusable Sticker Books

This one is only 7 square inches, great for on the go!

Tip: If your stickers start to lose their stickiness, you can wash them gently in a bowl of water with a small amount of dish soap. Dry face down, and then return to the sheet. It doesn’t work forever but will significantly increase the life of the stickers.

Magnetic puzzle book

If your child loves puzzles this will be a hit! This interactive magnetic playbook is fun for all. Thin and magnetic makes them great choices for bringing onboard.

Toy puzzle pieces scattered on the floor

Boogie Board

When my toddlers where around a year old, they loved their boogie boards. Even though they were on the larger side, I would still carry them around in my diaper bag. We ended up losing one of the pens though so I would suggest something like this where the pen is attached.

Felt Toys

Every so often, Target puts out felt toy kits in their dollar spot located at the front of the store. We have several including a dr kit, a jungle set, a train set and a camping book. They enjoy them all but the dr kit and jungle sets are the most frequently chosen for their bags. They are all very compact and can easily be thrown into any carry-on bag.

Finger Puppets

Put on a show for your kids, have them put on one for you, have a finger puppet dance party, practice social skills, the opportunities are endless!

Wonder Markers

Mess-free means stress-free. Crayola makes mess free travel packs with a case (great for car-trips) but if you are short on space, you can bring a few of their markers in a reusable zipped pouch with the paper.


When my toddlers were younger they LOVED playing with straws. Straws come in handy when you’re dining out during your trip too. Silicone ones can be used over and over.

Hotwheels/small cars

Cars are good for the plane and great for the destination where there’s more room to race.

Hotwheels stacked on a wall. Hot wheels are on of the best airplane toys for toddlers

Magnetic Sticker book

Unlike traditional reusable stickers, these magnets won’t lose their adhesive quality. Even bigger kids love them! The downside is that they are heavier and bulkier than the cling-on version, but they will last longer. I recommend removing all the stickers from the sheet before your trip and storing them in a small, reusable pouch.

Flip-board memory game

Even if your toddlers aren’t old enough to play this memory game, this board makes for a great game of peek a boo or fun finding a certain animal.

Small Toy figures

Small animals, action figures, etc are great for trips. My kids are obsessed with horses. They don’t go anywhere without one of these. Sometimes I pack other tiny farm animals for them to play with too.

Collection of airline toys for toddlers laid out on a white background.

Lace toys

Lace toys are great for practicing dexterity and problem solving, some are large though so make sure you get one small enough, like this one, to pack in your carry-on.

Buckle toys

Great for young toddlers. My daughter used to play with this one for an hour at a time when she was younger.

Tape books

Toddlers who can be trusted to keep the tape on the paper will love making patterns in tape books. The tape is easily removed from just about any surface. I know some parents are happy to let kids decorate their window and seat but I personally find it too much work to track of and removing tape all over the place.

Crayons and paper

The classic. I ALWAYS carry washable crayons in my purse so when we get ready to take a trip I just need to add some extra paper. I only carry a few crayons in a small, zipped bag to save space.

Yellow box of Crayola crayons. Plane toys for toddlers.


Magna Doodle

We were given pocket-sized Magna doodles by ANA airline last year which have come in pretty handy.

Play wallet

An old wallet with hotel cards, business cards, reward cards or even play money inside has proven to be loads of fun.


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