✈ Changing a Diaper on a PLANE [Tips for flying with a baby]

How to change a diaper on a plane


How to change a diaper on a plane

One of the questions that I see come up a lot for first time traveling parents is “How do I change a diaper on a plane?” First of all, don’t stress. It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Let me break it down for you.

Do airplanes have baby changing tables?

There are changing tables inside of the airplane bathrooms. Not all the bathrooms though so you need to look for that sexist sign of a woman in a skirt bending over a baby on a table.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are not a woman or you are a woman that’s not wearing a fifties style flare pencil skirt, you may still use the laboratory to change a diaper. It’s confusing I know.

Look for this symbol of a woman in a skirt bending over a baby on a table in order to know which toilets have baby changing facilities on planes.

Where to change a diaper on an airplane?

If you look at the wall over the toilet, you’ll see where you can pull it down. Depending on the airline/plane, the table may be tiny and plastic or decent sized and cushioned. I’ve never seen a huge one so you need to be a bit prepared before you get in there. Restroom

What to bring into the room?

When I change a diaper on a plane, I like to bring my whole diaper bag in with me. I keep it on my shoulder and simply use the opposite hand to get things in and out. I do the same in every public restroom because I don’t want nasty germs all over the bottom of my bag. I keep my carry on bag for baby pretty well organized so it’s easy to do.

My husband prefers the “ready bag” that I make for him. I put 4-6 diapers, travel sized wipes, disposal bags into a wet bag (you can also use a gallon sized ziplock freezer bag). It’s small and you can easily throw it out or into the wash when you’re done. Bonus – If your baby has a blowout or excessive spit up, you can use the wet bag or ziplock back to store the soiled clothing.

Tips for changing a diaper on a plane

Flying with Toddlers

If you need to change a toddlers diaper on a plane it can be easier to do it while standing because the changing tables can be really small. Plane bathroom floors are pretty nasty so I close the toilet and have them stand on that while holding on to the wall or a handle attached to the wall if there is one. If you have never changed a toddler standing up before, you’ll probably want to practice a few days ahead of your flight.

Multiple Children

If you are traveling with multiple young children, leave one in their seat while you change the other. There just isn’t enough room in the restrooms – unless maybe you wear one. You can ask a flight attendant to keep an eye on your other child while you go in.

These twins are ready for a diaper change

Overnight Diapers

A lot of babies sleep REALLY well on a plane so I usually take overnight diapers. I’ve been on flights where the seatbelt sign was on nearly the entire time due to turbulence. In those cases, it’s not safe to get up and change your babies diaper. Other times there are long lines to get into the restroom so I want something that will hold up if I can’t get in right away.

Sanitizing wipes

I keep alcohol-based sanitizing wipes at my seat to wipe baby and my hands afterward because it’s not always convenient to wash my hands while dealing with a wiggly, suspended baby. Even after hand washing you still need to touch the door to get out of the bathroom – which I feel like makes my hands gross again. Sanitizing wipes are easier to get through security than liquid sanitizer and your kid won’t accidentally swallow it mid-flight. You can also easily wipe down surfaces your child may touch like windows and tray tables.

Cloth Diapers

Consider disposable liners just for your trip to make things easier. G diapers have full disposable inserts to use in place of cloth ones for trips. Many parents choose to leave their cloth diapers at home altogether because laundry can be a pain.

Cloth diapers are not the easiest when flying with a baby. Change diaper on plane.

Disposable changing pads

Where my germaphobes at? These are for you! I used them when my babies were under 6 months old because germs are more dangerous then. These days I just plop my toddler on the table or make them stand. You’ll find what works for you.

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  1. Hi Dana,
    Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative article about changing a diaper on a plane tips. I have read your valuable page and gotten much information and now my confused has cleared. I love travel. Now, I want to add some idea with your article, Not all flight attendants will let you use the galley floor, so ask first. Some will even insist it is against the rules of their airline. But other flight attendants have encouraged me to make use of their galley floors when they have seen I was in a diaper-changing bind. It probably goes without saying that you will need a disposable changing pad for this kind of diaper change too. Anyway, I will share this article with my friends. I hope they will be benefited by this article.


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