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Christmas came a bit early in our house this year. When a package arrived 3 weeks ahead of schedule I told my son to go ahead and open it never thinking it would be his Christmas gift. He was thrilled to open up his new Osmo Math Wizard games! We have had them a few months now so it is time for a review!

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What is Osmo?

Osmo is an educational gaming system. It combines digital game play with hands on learning. It has even been implemented in classrooms and is used by educators. From a kids prospective though it’s simply a fun new game! All Osmo games are self paced and will progress with your child as they learn new concepts.

How to play Osmo, What is needed?

To play an Osmo game such as the Math Wizard you need the Osmo base. You can either buy it separately or as a bundle in one of the starter kits. It is a better deal to buy a kit but if you don’t think your child will be interested in the included games then it makes more sense to buy it separately. Depending on your Childs age and interests I would recommend either the Little Genius kit (generally best for preschoolers) or the Genius Kit (Generally best for elementary aged kids). There is also the creative starter kit but since you can use any dry erase board with Osmo that one is not a great value for money. 

Osmo Math Wizard

The Osmo Math Wizard at the present time has two games they are: Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop and Math Wizard and the secrets of the dragons.

Math Wizard and the Secrets of the Dragons

This game focuses on measurement. Kids have to discover new dragons. They feed and care for them by measuring the dragon and accordingly, providing the correct food amounts. The dragons grow over time and gets get awards for being good caregivers.


Math Wizard and the Magical Workshop

This game focuses on addition and subtraction. Kids have to create potions in a lab by adding and subtracting ingredients among other games.

Future/Other Games

More games are in development which will focus on Geometry, Multiplication, Mathematical thinking and time and currency. We also have (and love) the Pizza game from Osmo. It is outside of the math wizard set but it also teaches addition, subtraction and currency.

What age is the Math Wizard suited for?

Both existing games are created specifically for kids in 1st and 2nd grade (Ages 6-8) to go along with their class curriculum.

As always I would encourage you to view age guidelines as just that – guidelines. If your child is advanced in Math and already doing a bit of addition and subtraction then go ahead and get the Magical Workshop otherwise year one or two is probably perfect. However, with the Secrets of the Dragons game, I think most 5 year olds would enjoy it and not find it too difficult as well as some 4 year olds. My daughter is 4 and is obsessed with caring for her dragons, She has no idea she has been learning measurements.  Reading is not required for either game except for reading the initial instructions. I do think 8 is a good upper limit for both games.

Potential compatibility Issue with Kids Fire

As you may have noticed I am personally a big fan of Osmo kids and so are my children. We started with the iPad base but I bought a second base to go with my kids Amazon kids fire. Unfortunately the Math Wizard game is not available for download. This may be a glitch or a regional issue as we are currently living in Australia. I think most likely it is because our fire is a few years old now and maybe it is only available on the newer ones. Im really not sure but keep that in mind if you have an older fire. All of the other Osmo games work perfectly on it. 

Osmo Math Wizard Review

Most importantly it does what it says it will – engages kids in a fun and educational way. The packaging is attractive and the boxes have held up over the last few months. I do feel the games are quite expensive which is why they may not be for everyone. Hopefully as times goes by the prices will be reduced a bit. There seems to be a bit more educational value in the Workshop game but my kids both prefer the Dragon game. I like that they are using tangible items while playing. Overall I am pretty happy with the Math Wizard games. The dragon game is actually my kids favorite Osmo game of all so far. 

Who should buy Math Wizard games?

I would recommend the Osmo Math Wizard games for children who love Math. I would also recommend it to kids who are struggling a bit with Math particularly if they are visual learners as this could be a fun way to get them engaged. Finally, I think it would be a great addition to homeschooling families or anyone who’s kids are stuck at home during a pandemic who could use a fun new educational game.

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