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Stoos Switzerland


Within walking distance of the hotel we stayed in, the Swiss Holiday Park Resort you’ll find Stoos Switzerland and a series of well-maintained hiking trails up in the Swiss Alps. The winters are very popular as a luxury ski destination. As of last year, it is also home to the worlds steepest funicular railway!! 

Press play below to watch our latest adventure in Switzerland. To only see the footage of our time hiking in Stoos, fast forward to the 5-minute mark.

Summer hiking in Stoos Switzerland

The summers have a lot fewer visitors and the views are incredible! The trails usually open up each year at the end of may. We went in late June, I expected it to be pretty chilly up there but ended up removing our sweaters. 

Reaching Stoos

To get up to Stoos from the Morschach or Brunnen sides, you need to take a gondola. The views up and down were pretty impressive. The only issue is that I hate heights! I ESPECIALLY hate being suspended mid-air. One of the reasons travel is to get out of my comfort zone and exercise bravery. So I put on my brave face, took a deep breath. Then, I shoved my fear way down somewhere deep so my kids wouldn’t think there was anything to be afraid of. We made it to the top in one peace, when I could finally breathe again.

Gondolas leading up to the stoos switzerland
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If you want to take the steepest Funicular railway in the world, you would want to go up from the opposite side (towards Illgau). Since there are buses running regularly at all sites, you could even go up one way and down another. If you are feeling particularly active, I understand that you can also hike all the way up or down.

Family-friendly hiking trails in Stoos

I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything on whether there were any stroller-friendly trails or not. Our hotel concierge told us that there was a family trait that was paved except for a short area that was a boardwalk. So we brought our stroller up the gondola. When we reached the trail, however, we found that it was actually all gravel with a short boardwalk. We had our travel double umbrella stroller with us so we knew we wouldn’t make it too far. After looking at the map we saw that the water play park wasn’t too far so we headed off for that.

First, my kids decided to show off all their indoor rock climbing practice by scaling a small mountainside. I’m not going to lie I was pretty impressed. Then we passed an absolutely gorgeous lake. There were barbecue and sitting areas to one side with views of the mountains. My kids loved to see the fish and tadpoles swimming around.

Toddler sits on rock and looks at beautiful lake.

Later, we reached the water play park which was a ton of fun! It fit in completely with the surrounding and was a great way to learn about the flow of water in a natural setting. If we had continued along the trail we would have found playgrounds, educational stops and more! I really loved that it was so robustly setup for a fun educational experience for kids hopefully we will get the chance to head back once ours are a bit older. We decided to turn back to the paved roads because, man, is it hard to push a double umbrella around in gravel! 

Toddler drinks from fresh water station at the water play ground in the stoos

Something for everyone

Whether you are an active family or not be sure to check out these trails, there is something for every level of fitness. I saw even saw two people in wheelchairs along the family trail. There are a lot of very steep hills along the paved road so if you are debating whether to bring a wheelchair or not it’s probably best to go ahead and bring it. For strollers, definitely bring an all-terrain stroller if you have one. For umbrella strollers, leave it or bring a lock to secure it at the trailhead. I was fine to just leave ours without a lock, after all, its hard to steal something that you would need to transport down a mountain in a gondola but my husband was worried so we didn’t.

Stoos: More than hiking

There are a few absolutely adorable rental homes in Stoos itself. They looked SO cozy, if we head back to that corner of the world I would love to stay in one. In addition to the hiking trails, there are chairlifts you can ride and restaurants to dine in. 

Boy walks along a hiking trail sin stoos switzerland

Tips and tricks for visiting Stoos, Switzerland

The gondola only leaves 1ce every 30 minutes so be sure to check timings. Get there 10 minutes early if you have a stroller. Every cable car I saw was packed completely with most people arriving 2-5 minutes before the scheduled departure. If you arrive then too with a stroller, you will likely need to wait a full 30 minutes for the next car.

Boy looks out gondola window on the way up to the stoos



Find a map of the trails if you can. It can be somewhat of a maze otherwise. There weren’t enough signs once you reach the top either

Gondola tickets can be purchased via the kiosk at the base. We purchased ours at a discount from our hotel. To find the ramp into the building (if you have a stroller or wheelchair), first find the stairs then go to the complete opposite side of the building. I know that’s confusing but that ramp is really hidden and that’s the best way I can think to explain it. There is a fee-based parking lot at the base as well.

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