Is this the best resort for families? [Switzerland]

Review of the Swiss Holiday Park for families!


Swiss Holiday Park Resort

The Swiss holiday park resort is marketed towards families so naturally, my expectations were pretty high. If you are looking for a place to stay for your Switzerland family vacation Morschach Swiss Holiday Park is perfect!

We stayed in an apartment style room. It was a roomy one bedroom apartment. The living room had an additional pull-down bed hidden in the wall. I really enjoyed all the extra space and the benefit of having our own kitchen. But I HATED all the penny-pinching fees that came with it. You had to buy your own soap, shampoo, etc. There were no towels. We had to pay nearly $10 per towel just to rent them. The beds weren’t made either but you can have them made for you guessed it…. An additional fee!! It was so off-putting and unnecessarily cheap for a 4-star resort. Ok, let’s get back to the good. There is a lot to love starting with the on-site farm!

What we loved about the Morschach Swiss Holiday Park

The farm

As current city-dwellers we found the little farm to be SO charming! I loved hearing the rooster crow each morning and the cowbells throughout the day. In each room, you will find an empty glass bottle that you can carry to the farm and buy fresh milk! Now we are very spoiled living in New Delhi because we get doorstep milk-man deliveries from the organic farm nearby but I thought it was fun to walk to the farm and get it myself! If you have never tasted fresh milk before you are in for a treat!! Watch out though – the cows are kept in their area by an electric fence!

Two toddlers watch the cows at the the morschach swiss holiday park
Touching the tree so they don’t touch that electric fence.

The farm also offers horseback/pony riding lessons. The minimum age is 2 and there is a fee for each session. Having their first ever riding lesson was the highlight of my toddlers trip and a memory I will never forget! 

Two year old sits on a horse with swiss alps in the background.
Very 1st riding lesson!

On-site Trails

On-site trails offer sweeping views of lake Vierwaldstattersee and the mountains that surround it. Along the trails, you will also find fire pits, grilling stations, picnic tables, zip lines, playgrounds, and more! Your room key (which is a waterproof bracelet) lets you into sheds for pre-cut firewood.

View from the Swiss Holiday Park Resort

Pools Area

The pool area is SO amazing. Both indoor and outdoor slides. My 2-year-old daughter loved riding on my lap on the big slides, her twin brother, not so much. They BOTH loved the small slides though. The outdoor area was heated, so even though the evenings were warm enough for a sweater, it was still pleasant to swim in. The hotel requires all children under 4 to wear a floatation device outside of the designated toddler area. Bring your own from home or be prepared to pay to rent/buy a pair or arm floaties. There are adult only pools as well if you need a bit of r&r. Be sure to check the schedule, not everyone will appreciate showing up not realizing it’s time for nude bathing in the moonlight. 

The locker rooms are co-ed. I appreciated this because it meant my husband and I could stick together. Non-Europeans may prefer to get changed in their hotel rooms, with kids, I find that to be easier anyway. We did enjoy the full body dryers before walking to our hotel room though!

Play areas

There were 4 on-site playgrounds that we went to. One of which, was a learning-based, water play zone. We also enjoyed the indoor play area (that is separate from the kids club). In the indoor play area, my kids especially loved the train sets and the rock wall.

Father helps his son climb on a play structure at a very family friendly resort in Switzerland
One of the many on-site playgrounds

The kids club – 2 and up

You can leave kids aged 2 and up in the kids club! I have twin 2-year-olds, my independent daughter enjoyed a few sessions playing in the kids club but my son refused to stay. He previously had done fine in kids clubs but this one only had one attendant whereas the others had 2 or three (and we usually pay for a personal babysitter to stay with them) so he had more personalized attention convincing him it would be fun to stay.

My son ended up refusing to stay in the kids club so we didn’t get much use out of it. It was a bit strange because he previously had stayed happily in other resorts with a babysitter. I honestly think he sensed (as I did) that the attendant was a bit frazzled. My daughter ended up spending a short time in the kids club during our week long stay. I was sure to check the schedule and only dropped her during a confined indoor session.  She loved it. 

Supervision not guaranteed

The kids club is run in a typical European fashion. I noticed it had significantly less supervision than is seen in other parts of the world. There is only one childcare attendant for all the children. Depending on the day there might be 5 kids there or there might be 25 (the most I ever saw was about 12 but you never know). When we initially went to drop our kids off I thought the center was empty but when my son was not happy about staying the attendant suggested we get him acclimated outside before leaving.

We headed up to the roof where about a dozen children were hanging out completely unattended. Actually, at first, they were hiding, The attendant said they thought it was funny to hide from her all the time. The kids looked to be aged 4 – 12. My kids were barely 2 so I asked her to keep them in her sight and happily agreed and decided it was time for everyone to head inside anyway. I am actually totally fine with older kids having some freedom but I know a lot of other mums who would have been horrified so I thought I should give a heads up.

Other activities at the Swiss Holiday Park Resort

Go-kart racing, trampoline, teepee tents, bowling and put gold are all located on-site. Of course, most of which require an additional fee.


I found Morschach to be a perfect little town. It sits lakefront and has a ton of delicious restaurants. If you do not have a car with you on your trip, a bus stops at the Swiss Holiday Park resort. You will save money by shopping at the supermarket in town versus the on-site resort shop.

Mother and toddler sit at the beautiful lakefront in Morschach Switzerland.
No time for posing. He went straight for the mini merry-go-round at the Morschach lakefront.

Day trips from Morschach Swiss Holiday Park

The Stoos

The Stoos is just a 5-minute drive and a gondola ride away! You can also easily walk to the gondola or take the bus that stops at the resort. Use your hotel room key to access the parking garage. Don’t miss out, the views are absolutely stunning!! To read more about visiting the Stoos, click here. Since it is so close, this could be a full day trip or just a few hours with time to swim or grill back at the resort.

Red gondolas make their way up the mountainside.
Halfway up.

Lucerne (40 Minute Drive)

Drive, Boat or take a train to Lucerne. See the famous Kapellbrücke Bridge and have a bite to eat right on the water. You can also head up to nearby Mount Pilatus!

View of Lucerne from a bridge of the river. A castle is seen in the distance.
Ahhhh, Beautiful Lucerne.

Zurich (50 Minute Drive)

The capital city is less than an hour away! 

Locarno (2 Hours)

This Italian-speaking city is home to great lakefront restaurants, delicious gelato, Castles, and more! Before you go, read my recommendations for things to do in Locarno!

Man pushes a stroller down a cobblestone street in LocarnoLiechtenstein (2 Hours)

If you wanted to explore this small and charming country, you could be there in just under 2 hours.

If you missed it, check out this video of our trip! Including footage of the resort, pool area, trails, Stoos, and the apartment style room we stayed in!

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