There’s An Actual Floating Palace You Can Stay In. [India]

Indiais Floating Palace

Photo of a suite interior at the Lake Palace Udaipur a restored floating palace.

Floating Palace in India

So, I recently visited Jaipur, India – which has the famous Jal Mahal AKA “floating palace”. Despite its nickname, the palace isn’t floating at all. It has several stories underwater and is built on the lake’s floor. It’s so, beautiful but can only be admired from a distance. There have been several recent major renovations to deal with water damage but still, there are no plans to open it to the public. I remember wishing someone would restore fully it into a tourist site or even a hotel. Little did I know, in Udaipur, Taj Hotels had done just that.

Luxurious pool at the Taj Lake palace.

Udaipur Taj Lake Palace

In 1746 Maharana Jagat Singh II built himself a pleasure palace in Udaipur because, why not. At the time it was called Jah Niwas. Now, the marble palace has been restored and converted into the 5 Star Taj Lake Palace hotel. The Taj Lake palace boasts “breathtaking views of the City Palace, Aravalli and Machla Magra hills, and Jag Mandir.” It has been awarded the best luxury hotel in India by Lonely Planet. I don’t know, I’ll need to see for myself first. As the self-proclaimed “most romantic hotel in the world”, this trip might actually be worth leaving the kids at home ;).

Interior shot of a two bed suite at the Taj Lake palace. Floating palace in Udaipur.



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