THE best lightest convertible car seat [perfect for travel]

Best carseat for travel

The best convertible car seat for traveling tots

Best lightest convertible car seat

Have you ever tried to research products online, only to be more confused after reading
endless “top ten” lists? Well, I’m going to keep things simple. When it comes to the best convertible car seat for travel – at least in the *traditional form, there is one clear winner: The Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat. Before I made the purchase, I read all the top ten lists for you and this one kept coming up as best in terms of price, ratings, weight, size, and ease of use.

*If your toddler has outgrown the infant car seat but isn’t quite old enough for innovative travel car seat solutions such as the Mifold Booster or the Ride Safer Travel Vest, then large, traditional convertible car seats are your only option of tested, road safe child restraint. At least for the time being anyway.

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Evenflo Tribute LX convertible car seat review

Weighing only 9.1 lbs this seat is a breeze to carry around. Hoping for something easy to get in and out of taxis? Simply lift the seat pad and pass the belt through. The price is right and it accommodates children from 5-40 lbs. While you can certainly find car-seats on the market that exceed more crash standards, this one meets all federal (US) safety regulations and does exceed in some areas. It’s also been around long enough where the chances of a safety recall are pretty low.

It fits nicely into an airplane seat and through the airport security x-ray machine (turn face down). The pads are very easy to remove and throw in the wash. The United States is the only country that requires lockable belts. Like many car seats sold in the US, this car seat does not have a built-in belt lock-off. Many cars have belt lock off’s but not all, so be safe and bring along a locking clip to prevent the seat from sliding forward on impact. For more information on how to use a belt clip, here’s an informative overview.

Like all car seats sold in the US and Canada, this is a 5-point harness. In European countries, chest clips are illegal so if you plan to bring it to Europe you would do so at your own risk. We generally rent car seats there along with our rental car.  So there you have it. The best convertible car seat for travel.

How to travel with a convertible car seat

To make things really simple, I recommend either this adjustable padded backpack or this belt that you can attach to a carry on bag. If you have two kids in convertible seats and are traveling solo, you can buy one of each and carry one on your back and attach one to your carry on bag. If you’re gate checking, a cover might be a good idea to keep the seat clean. For your upcoming trip, be sure to check out the best double umbrella stroller for getting through airport security with ease. Wondering what to put in your carry-on? Check out our ultimate carry-on packing list here.

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