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Current prompt for “Readers Choice” or “Highlighting” articles.

Interview: How Do You Afford to Travel?

Deadline: September 8th

The question that’s on everyones mind! How do you afford to travel with kids? Please copy the Interview prompts below and send it in which each question answered.

  • Tell us a bit about your family and how travel fits into your life.
  • Do you budget during the year or have a travel savings fund?
  • What do you give up or exchange (if anything) in order to fund your travels?
  • What about credit card points, rewards, hotel and airline accounts? (please be specific)
  • How do you find affordable flights and accommodations?
  • Any final tips for families wanting to fund a family vacation?

Send your full name, link and best high quality horizontal (landscape) image from your family travels. 

Mother speaks to two children in beautiful Hawaii

Additional Info: 

  • Submissions may be edited for grammar, SEO, cohesion, and flow before publishing.
  • If extensive edited is required, submissions will be sent back to the author to go through one or more revisions before publishing, this is the case in 1/3 of our submissions in this category.
  • One High Resolution Photo is required. We LOVE photos with you and your kids in the frame, particularly lifestyle images which include your family enjoying the moments (not posed). Please be sure the image is zoomed back far enough that we can also see your surroundings. Images without any family members are great too. Please be sure to notate if you are NOT ok with your image being used as our “feature” photo – which would be used as the main image in all our social media channels.
  • Please avoid double spacing between sentences.
  • Write as if you are explaining something to a friend.
  • All submissions must be original content written specifically for Adventures With Children. 
  • You must have personally visited your recommendation spot with a child in tow.
  • Please be sure you include your social medial handles and website if you want one included.
  • Include ONE link to your blog as anchor text
For more information on contributor requirements including image submissions that are classified as “street photography” or for more ways to contribute, click HERE.



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