Share YOUR Adventures With Children!


Share your adventures!

A Community of knowledge is so much better than a single perspective. Share your family travel experiences, itineraries, and hotel suggestions along with tips and tricks that you’ve learned along the way! Or, share some adventures you have had closer to home. We want to hear about great hikes in your area, play-based learning activities and backyard kid-friendly adventures! 

Listen, we get it. You’re busy. You’ve got kids, careers, and your next vacation to plan. That’s why we’ve created 4 different ways to get published to work within your time availability – starting with writing just ONE paragraph!

Who are we looking for?

Anyone who’s had adventures with kids: grandparents, aunts, uncles and especially parents. We want real-life examples, you do NOT have to be a professional writer. (*Note these opportunities are not open to sponsored posts, if you’re inquiring about a sponsored post, please email for our fees).

What’s in it for you?

The satisfaction of helping other families. (of course)

Need More?

  • Link to your personal website/blog
  • Link to your social media page of choice. (For those without a website)
  • Build your writing portfolio.
  • A great looking online article that you can share with friends and family – free of charge!

Ways to contribute:

Submit to Readers Choice or Highlights 

We are starting to run “Readers Choice” and “Highlighting” articles where you write about a paragraph on your pick for something. For example, best cities for a family vacation, best cruises, best family-friendly restaurants in NYC, Best recipes for on the go snacks, etc. OR Highlighting family-friendly resorts in SE Asia, Highlighting the academic life of 10 world schoolers, etc. Each article would include experiences from at LEAST 5 different contributors so an author bio would not be included. Instead, your name and website/social media page will be displayed.

Requirements: 150-250 words – that’s only 1 paragraph! 1 high-resolution photo.

This is the EASIEST way to get published. Our Reader Choice is currently CLOSED, click HERE to see a recent example. NOTE: Our Interview series (see below) is currently accepting submissions!

“We tried it” 

These are short articles based on 1 (or 2 related) activities that you have personally done with kids. For example, We tried it: Disneyland Paris, We tried it: Snorkelling in Bali, We tried it: The Taj Mahal or We tried it: Boating in Lake Maggiore. Write about your experience and tips and tricks for fellow-traveling families such as: where to park, when to go, how to get there, best rides, best viewpoints, etc. Click HERE to read a recent example.

Please always note if the attraction is stroller/wheelchair friendly and if restrooms are available on-site.

Requirements: 400+ Words.  3-5 Photos-depending on length.

Before writing, please send your topic and working title to [email protected] for approval as it may have already been covered or it may need to be adjusted for SEO purposes. You will also be supplied with a few keywords to work into your article. Expect your article to go through at least one revision after editor review.

Write a full-length article 

Requirements: 600+ Words. 4-6 photos.

Please include an “about you” paragraph for the author bio section at the bottom of the page. Link to both a webpage and one social media account will be published with this option. Before writing, please send your topic and working title to [email protected] for approval as it may have already been covered. You will also be supplied with a few keywords to work into your article. Expect your guest blog post to go through at least one revision after editor review.


Click HERE to see our current bulk interview prompt! 

Outside of bulk interviews, these are generally editor sourced but if you think you have a great story please reach out! For example an interview with Jane Smith, an American expat on what it’s like to raise a family in Japan or with Sam Smith on his family’s decision to travel full time for a year.

Requirements for ALL options:

Photos: photos are required for ALL submissions. Cell phones take pretty good photos these days but we prefer photos taken with cameras. We LOVE photos with you and your kids in the frame, particularly lifestyle images which include your family enjoying the moments (not posed). For advice on getting in the frame with your kids while traveling click here. Just be sure the image is zoomed back far enough that we can also see your surroundings. Images without any family members are great too.

If you are having a difficult time finding a good photo, send a message to [email protected] to see if they can find a creative commons one to use free of charge. For people-focused street photography, a consent form ( or obvious indications that consent was given, such as looking straight into the camera and smiling) is required. One photo will be used to promote the article online including Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. AWC has very high standards on image quality so please send your images along with topic approval before you start writing.

All submissions are subject to editor approval before publishing, We reserve the right to selective publication.

All submissions must be written with single spacing between sentences.

Submissions may be edited for grammar, SEO, cohesion, and flow. Any significant changes would be sent back to the author for approval before publishing.

All health or medical based articles must go through a medical review (arranged by AWC) by a licensed physician before publishing.

Since Adventures With Children has a sub-focus on education, we ask that you please include all your sources at the bottom of the article if applicable. Sources must be reputable and preferably peer-reviewed.

For “Readers Choice” and “we tried it” submissions, write as if you are explaining something to a friend. Those writing full-length articles can choose any style that suits the topic.

All submissions must be original content written specifically and entirely for Adventures With Children. It cannot be published elsewhere. 

Have questions? Send a message to: [email protected]



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