The coolest places in the world to visit this Halloween

Places to go for Halloween

Best Places in the World to visit this Halloween

Places to go for Halloween

It’s almost here! The last week in October/ the first week of November is a great time to plan a family trip to join in some amazing Halloween like celebrations. Although you can pretty much find a celebration to attend no matter where you are, some places are decidedly cooler than others. Whether you’re looking for a toddler-friendly parade, a place to give your big kids a thrill, or an amazing cultural experience, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks for the world’s coolest Halloween, Samhain, or Dia De Los Muertos Celebrations!

7. Salem, Massachusetts USA

#7 Salem, Massachusetts USA

Salem embraces its dark past of the infamous Salem Witch trials by throwing parties all month long. The most famous is the Witches’ Halloween Ball. Other notable events include the annual psychic fair, the Vampires Masquerade Ball, and even a witchcraft expo.

6. San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

#6 San Miguel De Allende

Recently declared the best city in the world by Travel and Leisure magazine, this city takes it up a notch.  San Miguel de Allende celebrates Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) by throwing a public party that lasts all week called the Festival La Calaca (skull festival).

5. Galway, Ireland

#5 Galway, Ireland

Ireland’s largest festival the Abooo festival takes place from the 28th-31st of October in Galway. Participants can explore haunted areas, participate in the zombie chase, or attend the carnival with fun activities for all ages. Many festivities even raise money for charitable organizations.

4. Transylvania, Romania

#4 Translyvania, Romania

It doesn’t get much better than Vlad the Impaler’s birthplace. In addition to exploring the legend of Dracula, Transylvania is a beautiful area to explore. You can even stay in a medieval haunted castle!

3. Greenwich Village, New York USA

#3 Greenwich Village, New York, USA

Every year, Greenwich Village puts on a massive, jaw-dropping parade. You can join in, or enjoy the festivities on the sidelines.

2. Derry, Northern Ireland

#2 Derry, Northern Ireland

The Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival lasts for 4 days in Derry and concludes on the 31st with a firework show. Festival-goers can expect street performances, art, masterful storytelling, markets and live music. Truly something for everyone.

1. Mexico City, Mexico

#1 - Mexico City Mexico

Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos in all is glory in Mexico City. The city is bursting with art, parades, decorated altars, concerts, boat excursions, food, and dancing during the multi-day celebration! Last year, parade-goers paid a special tribute to those who lost their lives in the 8.2 magnitude earthquake. A way to reconnect with lost loved ones and a special cultural experience your whole family is sure to enjoy.

So there you have it, the best places to visit for Halloween. Pin the image below for later!

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